What is the SSWN?

The SSWN (Subbuteo Solo-Players World Net) is a free association between Subbuteo enthusiasts that aims to spread and promote this game worldwide, without limitations.

What are the purposes of the SSWN?

Some play alone, just to keep in training, and instead Subbuteo invent entire championships with more or less adherent formulas to the reality of the real game of football. The SSWN was born with one intention to make it more enjoyable and stimulating the game alone but without excluding games between two or more players in its innovative formula of competition referred to as the Golden SSWN League which everyone can participate quietly from their home and compare themselves with enthusiasts from all over the world.

How can I join the SSWN?

The card is received free of charge for a name with each purchase performed on the SUBBUTEOAZ.COM website
or on EBAY affiliates subsites with extension: _dako
It can also be requested by mail to: SSWN@mail.com
at a cost of 10 euros, shipping included.
The card does not expire and gives the right to participate in all editions of the Golden SSWN League.

SSWN card

What is the Golden SSWN League?

The Golden SSWN League is a fantasy club world championship in which 32 teams participate divided into the initial phase into eight groups of four, according to this criterion : Matched club in the draw + all clubs of the organizing nation from 1st to 25th place in the ranking; The holding club; The best clubs of the updated ranking in number to cover a position in the groups;           8 clubs from the best available ranking left up to 50th place (by drawing); 8 clubs from the best available ranking left up to up to 100th place (by draw); 8 clubs from the best available ranking left up to up to 200th place (by draw);                                           The first two classified of each group enter the knockout stage while the bottom 8 teams in their groups they will not be able to participate in the next edition.

Golden SSWN League

Who can participate in the Golden SSWN League?

All license holders in possession of a UIC who love Subbuteo and play it as a game for pure enjoyment.

How many matches of a single edition of the Golden SSWN League can I play?

There is no maximum game limit, as long as respecting the following three rules:                                                                                 A – max one game per day per player                                                                                                                                                           B – no matches with teams from the same country as the player                                                                                                             C – max one match with the same club in the same edition

How can I book a Golden SSWN League match?

Each player can book one race per day, one at a time from the time of publication of the calendar on the official website choosing it among all those indicated as available.

What should I do after playing a Golden SSWN League match?

Each player must communicate via email to the organization the outcome of the match played, by midnight of the same day, indicating the final score and optionally adding a short story with a marking sequence and any photos of the event.                     In case of failure or late communication the defaulting player will receive a yellow card and as in real football, on the second offense will be expelled from the current competition.

The cardholder who for 3 consecutive editions of the Golden League, had not played a single match

will be called back and in case of no answer, his card will be frozen. To reactivate it you will have to register again.

Does the Golden SSWN League have prizes up for grabs?

The Golden SSWN League provides for each edition prizes in Value Vouchers for the final classified from 1st to 4th place   (subject to registration) currently established as follows:                                                                                                                             1st 200 euro/VV    2nd 150 euro/VV    3rd 100 euro/VV    4th 50 euro/VV                                                                                            

For the final prize-giving to the clubs classified from 1st to 4th place

the player who first played a match of the same on the first day of the group stage will be matched.

How is the ranking of players determined?

The points that determine the overall ranking of the players are assigned to their matches as follows:

  • players participation: 1 x G.L.
  • relegation : 2
  • non-qualification : 3
  • round of eight : 5
  • quarters : 7
  • 4th place : 9
  • 3th place : 11
  • 2nd place : 14
  • winner : 17

For any other questions, please email : SSWN@mail.com


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